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Hello! My name is Amber! I was born and raised in Texas, but a piece of my heart always belonged to the ocean.  So my sense of wanderlust lead me halfway across the world to Hawaii. Now, my dream of photographing destination weddings and portrait sessions is now a reality, and I cannot wait to share it with you! I'm so glad you're here!

Hi there!


This  particular engagement session might just be my favorite one yet…. You see, Mackenzie and I go way back to first grade. I’m talking birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese’s, sleepovers with pizza and coke floats, and gossiping about boys that gave you a hug in between homeroom and science class. We share the same […]

Childhood Sweethearts’ Engagement Session

October 1, 2019


Every second of Jade & Taylor’s wedding day was filled with excitement and energy. From the bridesmaids’ champagne toast to the reception dance floor, each moment was fun and crazy and unique. I’m pretty sure there are very few weddings could live up to this level of celebration… To kick the party off, there was […]

Industrial Chic Fort Worth Wedding

September 23, 2019


She started tearing up before we even got to the spot for their first look. Just the thought of seeing him in his tux and him seeing her in her dress was too much to hold in. Finally, a few moments later, Sophia tapped Cameron on the shoulder…. He turned around and saw his beautiful […]

Tuscan Summer Wedding

September 17, 2019


Old World European styles have always spoken to me. Well… more like screamed at me. There’s something about it that my heart can’t help being drawn to. Unfortunately for me, I live in Dallas, Texas… where old world European is somewhat hard to come by – as you can imagine. That’s why I was so […]

A Fairytale Wedding

July 15, 2019


Kevin swayed back and forth as he waited for Kerri to come around the corner. He was quite literally overflowing with anticipation and excitement. He couldn’t stand still. Couldn’t stop smiling. And could barely hold back the tears. His eyes were glued to the end of that aisle. Their parents came and sat down. The […]

Chapel Creek Ranch Wedding

May 23, 2019


Sophia and Cameron are just about as precious as two lovebirds can be… I simply cannot get over how much I loved their engagement session. The smiles on their faces. The way they look at each other. The way they made each other laugh. The way you could literally feel their love for each other… […]

Historic Downtown McKinney Engagement

May 9, 2019


Laughter… Laughter is the best medicine… A day without laughter is a day wasted… Live, Laugh, Love. I could go on and on…. but they’re all true. Someone who loves to see you laugh, who whispers jokes in your ear just so you burst into giggles, is someone who loves you. A lot. I’ve never […]

Downtown Engagement Session

May 1, 2019


One of the greatest honors I have as a professional photographer is preserving precious memories for families… capturing fleeting moments in a family or a little one’s life. Although it’s been said many times, many ways… they grow up so fast. And it’s true. Don’t blink, because before you know it, they’ll be going off […]

Bluebonnet Family Session

April 19, 2019


I can’t decide what my favorite part about this session was…. the adorable Mastiff puppy named Stella, the constant jokes that Isaac whispered into Kelsey’s ear to make her giggle, or the fact that Kelsey and I go way back to 7th grade and now I get the joy of capturing her marriage to Isaac. […]

Texas Spring Engagement Session

April 15, 2019


Springtime in Texas is fleeting. There’s usually about a month, if we’re lucky, of beautiful mid-70’s days. It’s not uncommon to go from 40° one day, to 90° the next. So, you can imagine our excitement when it’s nice enough to be outside without a jacket or an umbrella, and bonus – without breaking a […]

Nature Engagement Photos

April 13, 2019