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Hello! My name is Amber! I was born and raised in Texas, but a piece of my heart always belonged to the ocean.  So my sense of wanderlust lead me halfway across the world to Hawaii. Now, my dream of photographing destination weddings and portrait sessions is now a reality, and I cannot wait to share it with you! I'm so glad you're here!

Hi there!


Sophia and Cameron are just about as precious as two lovebirds can be… I simply cannot get over how much I loved their engagement session. The smiles on their faces. The way they look at each other. The way they made each other laugh. The way you could literally feel their love for each other… […]

Historic Downtown McKinney Engagement

May 9, 2019


Laughter… Laughter is the best medicine… A day without laughter is a day wasted… Live, Laugh, Love. I could go on and on…. but they’re all true. Someone who loves to see you laugh, who whispers jokes in your ear just so you burst into giggles, is someone who loves you. A lot. I’ve never […]

Downtown Engagement Session

May 1, 2019


One of the greatest honors I have as a professional photographer is preserving precious memories for families… capturing fleeting moments in a family or a little one’s life. Although it’s been said many times, many ways… they grow up so fast. And it’s true. Don’t blink, because before you know it, they’ll be going off […]

Bluebonnet Family Session

April 19, 2019


I can’t decide what my favorite part about this session was…. the adorable Mastiff puppy named Stella, the constant jokes that Isaac whispered into Kelsey’s ear to make her giggle, or the fact that Kelsey and I go way back to 7th grade and now I get the joy of capturing her marriage to Isaac. […]

Texas Spring Engagement Session

April 15, 2019


Springtime in Texas is fleeting. There’s usually about a month, if we’re lucky, of beautiful mid-70’s days. It’s not uncommon to go from 40° one day, to 90° the next. So, you can imagine our excitement when it’s nice enough to be outside without a jacket or an umbrella, and bonus – without breaking a […]

Nature Engagement Photos

April 13, 2019


Let’s be honest. Winter in Texas isn’t all that grand. The trees die, it get’s colder than most non-Texans realize, and there’s hardly ever a beautiful blanket of snow to cover up all the ugly. But these two… these two cuties somehow made the dead of winter look absolutely magical at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. […]

Texas Winter Engagement Session

March 2, 2019


It’s been one crazy year. And I’ve had a blast going back through that crazy year to take a look at some of my favorite moments of 2018. From Texas to Hawaii and  back home to Texas in on year… As you can imagine, that kind of movement can stir things up a bit. Life […]

Best of 2018

January 9, 2019


I can’t say enough good things about these two…. From their engagement session to their wedding to their maternity photos… It’s been one incredible journey. I first met Avery at church camp as teenagers. Although we weren’t always the closest of friends, I always thought she was just the sweetest soul. I am so thankful […]

Texas Ranch Maternity Session

December 10, 2018


I was just a kid when I first met these two. Literally. I think I was about 10 years old. I knew them individually first before they even knew each other. I participated in community theater with Eric. And Ally was one of my older sister’s friends from high school choir. To me, she was […]

Fall Maternity Session

November 30, 2018


The way she looked at him… The way he looked at her… I swear these two were a match made in Heaven. Kerri and Kevin, are just about as cute as two people can be together. Their entire engagement session was filled with joyous laughter, smiles, and kisses. And most of them were not by my instruction! […]

Denton Nature Center Engagement

November 15, 2018